Dearest readers,

I am thrilled to inform you that the story of AEST/ETHIC will continue under my name. After the boutique opening announcement, the time is ripe to share this decision that I spent many hours reflecting on.

At moments, I am still mesmerised how this little brand with very big ambitions, that I started alone back in 2019 has developed. I remember vividly the countless nights I spent back then, finding that name that embodied perfectly what I wanted to create: beauty with meaning, aesthetics with ethics.

And although at the first glance, it was sometimes misunderstood -due to the attachement of the word “aesthetics” to the cosmetic world- I will always cherish the originality of AEST/ETHIC which is for me full of meaning and complexity.

Today the time has come for a change, and as I write these lines, full of nostalgia, I feel ready to design pieces wearing my name. Rest assured appart the name, nothing changes, the values and the philosophy remain the same, they will always do.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continues support,

With love,