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A Symphony of Heritage and Artistry

Nestled in the elegant enclave of Chelsea, London, the boutique at 83 Walton Street offers a quiet retreat for those who appreciate the fine nuances of bespoke tailoring. Under the thoughtful guidance of 26-year-old designer Lucie Azari, the art of custom garment creation is brought to life with a dedication to quality and artisanal skill.

Born in 1997, Lucie Azari brings a unique vision to modern luxury—one that is both traditional and progressive, timeless and distinctive, effortless and sophisticated. With a deep connection to her Parisian and Persian heritage, she draws upon the rich traditions of craftsmanship that inform every piece she creates. In 2023, Lucie established her eponymous label, driven by a desire to create a couture house where fashion and nature are intertwined, each reflecting the essence of the other.

The Art of Bespoke Tailoring

Lucie Azari offers a fresh and innovative approach to bespoke tailoring, blending traditional techniques with modern sensibilities. At her boutique, clients are invited to engage directly with Lucie in a collaborative process to design garments that are unique and deeply personal. This intimate experience ensures that each piece is crafted with care, reflecting the wearer's individuality and style.

Exceptional Materials and Craftsmanship

Lucie is committed to using only the finest artisanal organic fabrics, such as Harris Tweed and Fox Brothers cloth, known for their durability, rich textures, and storied heritage. These materials are selected with a focus on sustainability and quality, embodying Lucie’s philosophy of creating beauty from organic raw materials. This dedication to exceptional textiles underscores the boutique’s mission to preserve traditional craftsmanship while promoting environmental responsibility.

A Unique Blend of Contrasts

Lucie's designs are characterized by a harmonious blend of contrasting elements. She artfully combines the rugged elegance of tweed with the delicate ethereality of organza, creating garments that are both captivating and intriguing. Her innovative use of art prints further enhances this dynamic interplay, resulting in pieces that are more than just clothing—they are wearable expressions of art. This unique approach reflects Lucie’s desire to push the boundaries of conventional tailoring and introduce a fresh perspective to the sartorial landscape.

Supporting Local Artisans and British Craftsmanship

Supporting local and artisanal craftsmanship is at the heart of Lucie's mission. By choosing to create and source locally, she ensures high standards of quality while also championing the rich tradition of British tailoring. This commitment to local artisans helps sustain the invaluable heritage of handcrafted clothing, providing a meaningful alternative to the fast fashion industry’s mass production.

At the core of her brand philosophy, Lucie believes that the beauty of a garment extends beyond its appearance, enriching the lives of those who craft them and honoring the environment from which they are sourced. Her dedication to meaningful creation ensures that each piece embodies the art of exquisite craftsmanship, savoir-faire, and heritage.

A Legacy of Timeless Fashion

Handmade in London using traditional couture techniques, Lucie's collections are crafted with an unwavering focus on quality and timelessness. Each garment is designed to be more than just clothing; it is a future heirloom, destined to be cherished across generations.

In Lucie Azari's world, fashion is not merely about what we wear, but about the legacy we leave behind—a blend of artistry, tradition, and sustainable luxury. The boutique at 83 Walton Street is more than a place to purchase clothing; it is a destination for those who seek garments imbued with soul and significance. Under Lucie Azari's careful guidance, every creation is a testament to the enduring allure of bespoke tailoring and the importance of supporting local craftsmanship. This humble commitment to excellence and authenticity ensures that each piece is not merely worn but treasured, a timeless addition to any discerning wardrobe.

Exceptional Craftsmanship
Exceptional Craftsmanship

Celebrating heritage, traditions and savoir-faire.

Pure and Organic
Pure and Organic

Celebrating nature and earth.